Fire Department

Mission Statement for Baileyville Fire Department:

The Baileyville Fire Department exists to provide our community with prompt, professional, and compassionate emergency response in times of need. We are dedicated to protecting lives, property, and the environment through fire suppression, rescue operations, and public education.


200 Fire Chief: William Delnicki
201 1st Asst Fire Chief: Brandon Ireland
202 2nd Asst Fire Chief: James Lee
203 Captain: John McPhee
204 Lieutenant: Jamie Bohanon
205 Firefighter: John Peterson
206 Firefighter: John Ramsey
207 Firefighter: Marty Cushing
208 Firefighter: Matthew Miller
209 Firefighter: Robbie Lee
210 Firefighter: Christopher Moreside
211 Firefighter: Nathan Faulkner
212 Firefighter: Mason Spear
215 Firefighter: Dakota Edgerly
216 Firefighter: Christopher Monk
217 Firefighter: Ryan Lozier
220 Firefighter: Ray Faulkner