Baileyville Police

Baileyville Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons

Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons


Andrew Seavey Corporal
Joshua Engroff Patrolman

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 911
Office: 207-427-6203
Dispatch: 207-427-6992

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Woodland Pulp LLC contacted me today and I spoke to as many residents as I could in "Little Woodland" to let everybody know that they will be working through the night with heavy machinery to try to fix the issue they have with the underground pipes. Please try to bear with them and I'm sorry if your sleep will be interrupted but all of us folks from Little Woodland are tough and have been through this stuff before. ... See MoreSee Less

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***Warning*** Folks the IRS scam where they call you and tell you that you will be arrested for not paying your taxes is going around again. Some of your high school students are getting these calls as well. Make sure you and your kids give them no information. Just tell them you know it's a scam and hang up on them. If they call back use a whistle or an air horn that should end it for you. ... See MoreSee Less

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It was reported to the PD today that a Toro snowblower Model 924 Powershaft was taken from Dodge's Small Engine Service shop on the Houlton Rd. over the weekend here in Baileyville.It will look like the picture below. If you have any information regarding this snowblower please contact the police department at 427-6992. Feel free to share this. ... See MoreSee Less

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Tomorrow is a training day on the range and it always takes me back to my academy training. Trp. Bob Chandler ran the range like an Army general. I could feel him standing behind me and he could see that almost all of my shots were hitting left of center. I heard him say, in a voice only a cadre possess, “Fitzsimmons, you’ve got too much finger on the trigger!” I pulled my index finger almost the whole way off the trigger and was still getting the same result. When it was time to change the target he went up and took a marker and drew a 2 with a loop on the bottom. He then came to me and said, “Fitzsimmons, the first two rounds had better be in that loop or I am going to put my boot in your ass!” First two rounds with him standing over my shoulder were right through the loop. I felt his hand on my shoulder as he said, “You shoot alright, you just need the proper motivation.” Looking forward to the smell of gun powder in the morning and having the proper motivation. ... See MoreSee Less

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