Baileyville Police

Baileyville Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons

Police Chief Robert Fitzsimmons


Andrew Seavey  Sergeant

Joshua Engroff  Patrol Officer

Mike Donahe  Patrol Officer

Phone Numbers

Emergency: 911
Office: 207-427-6203
Dispatch: 207-427-6992

***Warning*** Very uncomfortable conversation alert. Parents, there has not been a year go by yet since I have been in Woodland that a sobbing young girl hasn't come to me to tell me that somebody she trusted has taken nude photos of her (or she has sent to a boy) and they are now on the internet. I have had very good luck having them removed from the web far. Young ladies as you can imagine this is a conversation that you don't want to have with me and your parents.

These damn phones with cameras make it very easy to do this. I think that we, as adults, need to make it very clear to our kids that the internet can be forever. I know that he or she says they love you and to trust them they would never let anybody else see the pictures but rarely does that promise last. This doesn't just happen with girls either, our young men have it happen as well. I know that most of the parents have had some type of talk with our kids but once just doesn't seem to be enough. Keep putting the message out there. If you have to be that parent that checks your kids phone for content then so be it. I may save a lot of heartache later. Feel free to share this as you see fit because I hope it can open a dialog.

My Academy mate Steve Charles reminded me of one important point. Don't be too embarrassed to tell me or somebody you trust. We are here to help.
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*** Scam Alert*** Folks are preying on our elderly family and friends. If you get a call from a family member telling you they are in trouble and ask you to wire them money be very careful. Usually the phone connection is bad and they have gotten enough information from your Facebook page to make it believable. Please verify it with other family members before you send any money to anybody. ... See MoreSee Less

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Please meet our newest Baileyville Officer Mark Emery. Mark has 22 years of experience with the Eastport PD. Mark has a good relationship with the kids and adults alike in Eastport. I have worked as a part time officer in Eastport with Mark when I first started out and found him to be a good mentor. Mark is currently the Acting Chief for the Eastpot PD. He will be coming to Baileyville soon so please make him feel at home. Just wait until he introduces you all to "Skully." Mark has a good sense of humor and will be a good fit around town. ... See MoreSee Less

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I am happy to Announce that John Peterson will be one of our new officers in town starting this week. I have worked with John over the years and I am sure he will be a good fit. John is a certified school resource officer and has been a K-9 officer in the past. He brings a lot of experience with him and his roots run deep here in Woodland. I have included a picture of his grandfather 'Wuzzy" Bacon who took many a dollar bill from me over a poker table. John has two beautiful daughters. Welcome home John. ... See MoreSee Less

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