Over the past several months the Town of Baileyville is making changes to how we do business. One of our most important goals is to make it easier for you the Townspeople to get your business done. This includes giving you options other than coming to the Town Office. While we like seeing you when you come in, COVID19 has really put a damper on social gatherings. Before the current pandemic hit, the Town Council had asked for alternatives for the traditional way we do business with the public.

We already have become one of the Maine towns where you can do re-registrations on vehicles and trailers on-line. Additionally you can do ATV, boat and snowmobile registrations that way, too.

In the near future, we will add the ability to pay property taxes and sewer bills from home. This will allow you to do most of your town business without coming in. We still like to see you, but you don’t always have time to stop by.

If you are not a fan of going on line, we now have a lock box located in front of the Town Office Entrance where you can drop your payments or forms at anytime. We will make your transaction the next business day.