Want to start a business?

The Town of Baileyville is ready to assist you in getting your business off the ground. Our Code Enforcement Officer and the Town Office is ready to help you get going.


Baileyville is a member of the Downeast Economic Development Committee, which is a partnership between Calais and Baileyville founded to support the local economies of both communities and to actively seek new businesses and services for the area.


Downeast Economic Development Director:

Laurel Perkins (207)214-5926 or ewced@outlook.com

Code Enforcement:

(207) 214 3349

Town Office:

(207) 427 3442



Somethings to consider…

What business opportunities are available within the Town? Who can help me in my search for
properties or locations for my business?

Does the business involve the use of large quantities of chemicals for regulated substances such as oil,
gas or pesticides? Do you plan on operating a restaurant or other operation that serves food to the

Do you need building permits, plumbing permits, change of use documentation, or other licenses to
operate the business? This would include: plumbing permits, childcare permits, liquor licenses, site
location of development permits, etc..

There are many State of Maine Agencies that may require you contact them before you get your
business going.

We can also direct you to the appropriate State Agency if the proposed development needs approval
beyond the local level.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana Businesses. The Town of Baileyville prohibits retail recreational and
medical marijuana businesses to operate within the Town.