The Town of Baileyville will conduct a community wide CLEAN-UP the week of October 3-6, 2022.


The Town will pick up leaves, brush, demolition debris, etc.

Up to one pickup truck load per residence, AS LONG AS IT IS BAGGED, BALED, OR BUNDLED (NO EXCEPTIONS). Loose items cannot be accommodated.
Also please do not rake leaves into the streets, as they cause damage to the sweeper. Do not put gravel into bags for pickup. Items must be placed by curb no later than 8am.


The Pick Up Schedule

Monday, October 3rd
Route 1 – South of the Woodland Foodmart (including Bear Cove, Staples Road, Airline, etc.) and North of the Access Road (including Grand Falls Road, Squirrel Point, etc.)

Tuesday, October 4th
Those streets of the East Side of Main Street and Woodland Junction : Mill Street, Spruce Street, Elm Street, Oxford Street, etc.

Wednesday, October 5th
Those streets on the West side of Route 1: South Princeton Road, Maple Street, Ridgewood Drive, etc.

Thursday, October 6th
Those streets of Woodland Proper. 1st-4th Avenues, Washington Street, Summit Street, Route 1 between Access Road and the Foodmart, etc.


Any items over 100lbs will be left. Any person with abandoned vehicles, please call the Town Office (207) 427 3442.